Lagos Slander: 7 Things We Abuja Peeps Cannot Relate To


Yes! we’re here to serve some Lagos slander. Every single time we hear stories from Lagos, we Federal Capitalists still get shocked to our marrow.

Nonetheless, we are here to laugh at the pains Lagosians go through…

1. Under bridge restaurants

I still have not recovered from when my friend told me she bought akara from under Obalende bridge. People in Lagos actually buy food from under bridges. Hmmm!

things-lagosians-go-through-that-we-abuja-peeps-can't relate to

2. Traffic

This is obviously the most popular one. Imagine raising your shoulders while living in a city where someone travelling to London will get home before you.

3. Bikes

While we Federal Capitalists are paying 100 to 200 naira for bike transportation, our siblings from another city are paying 4,000 naira to move from one place to another.

things-lagosians-go-through-that-we-abuja-peeps-can't relate to

4. Tollgate fee

We heard that Lagosians have to look at the money in their pockets to know how many times they can go out in a day. Some Lagosians have to pay 1000 naira every single time they go through the Lekki tollgate. The insanity!

things-lagosians-go-through-that-we-abuja-peeps-can't relate to

5. More traffic gist

Even more insane than spending hours in traffic and buying food from under Obalende bridge, we heard that one can now buy jollof rice and chicken in traffic.

things-lagosians-go-through-that-abjans-can't relate to

6. Ride hailing companies

In Lagos, word on the streets is that Uber and Bolt can’t even give a precise fee but a range of how much a ride costs. According to trusted sources, people get to their destination and have to pay up to 15k for a ride.

things-lagosians-go-through-that-we-abuja-peeps-can't relate to

If you’re a Lagosian here, read this article because to be honest, Abuja sucks too.

7. A life void of everything Wingist

Imagine going through life knowing you cannot simply walk into any Wingist outlet at the end of a busy day. These Lagosians can’t even try The Wingist Restaurant’s hand-spun wings or the finger-licking Warrior Platter at Eden By Wingist! At this point, the situation is getting pitiful.

things-lagosians-go-through-that-we-abuja-peeps-can't relate to

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Written by Patience George

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