A Popular Question – Are You A Foodie or Glutton?

Everyone says they’re a foodie these days. Consequently, questions have been asked on the differences between a foodie and a glutton. To be fair, it is a very thin line.

At what point does a person who know every food stop in the city stop being a foodie? These are eight signs you’ve crossed the line…

1. You buy food on impulse

While scrolling down Instagram, do you see a food vendor’s ad and immediately go to their DM to place an order? If you cannot see an image of food and look away, you’ve crossed the line to the land of gluttony.

2. Traffic hawkers know you

When you sit in traffic, do you purchase every single thing that goes by? You’re not a foodie if a traffic hawker sees you and says, aunty! na you?

3. Your plate overflows

plate of jollof rice

If you dish your food and people marvel at the gigantic portion you intend on consuming, they all think you’re a glutton.

4. You’re always talking about food

While others are talking about ambition, family, politics and science, what do you talk about? If you’re not a chef, please, why do you constantly talk about food and restaurants?

5. You go on dates and ask for takeaway

If your idea of a date is fixated on stuffing your face at a restaurant, and ordering for takeaway too, you need to calm down.

6. You eat from someone else’s plate

We saw a story about a lady who said food is her love language. Her idea of this is eating from her partner’s plate even when they have the same meal. If this is you, we want to inform you that this is gluttony.

7. The standard three square meals isn’t enough

woman checking refrigerator

The light in the refrigerator has probably stopped working because you open it too many times. Tell us, why are you having two meals for dinner?

Well! Foodie or Glutton, all our Wingist outlets are open to you.

If you’re a glutton sha! You can go up on our wall of fame. On Wednesdays, you’re welcome to participate in our wild wings contest at The Wingist Restaurant. It’s 30 pieces of finger-licking chicken wings to be finished in 60 minutes.

Are you living in or visiting Abuja? These are 10 Abuja restaurants and food stops you should definitely visit.

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Written by Patience George

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