9 Things From Our Childhood We Miss Dearly


We miss our childhood when things were simpler and life was filled with just imaginations and vibes. What does it really profit a child to grow up into this thing called adulting?

Here are the things from our childhood we wish we could get back to…

1. Mr. Biggs

I bet you can still remember what this place used to smell like. Their ice cream was divine and their meatpie was at the time, the yummiest. Sadly, last time I went into a Mr. Biggs outlet, all they had was moimoi.

2. The fantasy of growing up

It was really beautiful imagining life as a grownup. We just wanted to be like our parents and eat more than a piece of meat. However, here we are with too many responsibilities to even have an appetite.

3. When we didn’t know heartbreak

Sigh! This one stings badly. We really do miss the times when life was simpler and we didn’t like anyone. Now, we have to deal with talking stages, ghosting, situationships and cheating.

4. Good sleep


Getting a full eight hours of sleep is something some of us haven’t done in years. If work isn’t keeping us awake, it is the painful reality of how shallow existence is.

5. Eclairs

Can you remember how good Eclairs was in our childhood? It was the tastiest chewy chocolate to ever exist on the surface of the earth. Now, all we have are rubbish replicas.

6. No bills

To be honest, I never knew adults had to pay money for everything. We grew up into this sham called adulthood, and now, we need to pay for simply existing.

7. Our plans

All we wanted to do was just grow up, go to school, get a job, and be married at 25. Those plans felt way better than the reality of things in adulthood. We didn’t envision the stress of looking for a job or losing one. Neither did we think we’d have to love people and move on from them.

8. Play

We simply just miss the kind of play that used to take out our braids and tear our clothes.

9. School

This one is controversial. Why do we miss school right now? We have grown up to realize that school is the easiest part of life.

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Written by Patience George

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