8 Abuja Secrets Every Newbie Should Know


If you’re ever going to come to Abuja, we are fully invested in ensuring that you know everything about this city you want to come experience.

If you’re an Abuja newbie, these are seven things you must know…

1. About Gwarinpa


Gwarinpa is a country in Abuja. Yes, you heard that right. The only thing missing from this place is an airport. The secret however, is that Gwarinpa is the sin city of Abuja. Everything unrighteous and unholy happens here. The modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah we stan.

2. About Abuja men

Image By Muhammadtaha-Ibrahim-Ma-Aji

There have been rumors about Abuja men and we’re here to simply relay this information. Legend has it that Abuja men only look rich from far. It is said that if he drives a Honda, wears kaftan most of the time and tells you he lives in Apo, you should focus on yourself.

3. About The Wingist Restaurant

The Wingist Restaurant

You’ve not had the best chicken wings in the world until you feast on the fat, juicy, hand-spun chicken wings made at the Wingist restaurant. This cannot be contested.

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4. About traffic


For effect, we lie to Lagosians that there is no traffic in this city. We’re however, here to tell you the truth. If you love your time, avoid Nyanya, Apo, Wuse market and Banex junction at particular times of the day.

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5. About hiking


You cannot separate Federal Capitalists from their ungodly love for hiking. Yes! In this city, young men and women wake up, wear clothes and leave their houses to go climb rocks. This is an obsession some of us cannot understand.

6. About Crush Rock


Federal capitalists tell you they’re having fun but as we said earlier, all they do is climb stones. As an Abuja newbie, you can either fall for the peer pressure or not. This location was discovered by the online community one day and in the months that followed, everyone in this city including the Vice President went there.

6. About Gwagwalada


If you insist on indulging in the sinfulness of Gwarinpa, you definitely should visit Gwagwalada. This town has a way of preparing you for the heat you’ll face in hell.

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Written by Patience George

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