7 Things You Can Relate To Only If You Grew Up Ugly

If you grew up ugly, you’d know that it’s single-handedly one of the hardest things you’ve had to go through in your life. It was battle! It was war!

Were you an ugly child? We’re sure these are seven out of a million things you can relate to…

1. The constant insults


Growing up ugly, every insult was about your appearance. As a result, you probably became more introverted and avoided doing things that’d buy you those insults. This was until you realized that they will be directed at you provoked or unprovoked.

2. Compliments make you uncomfortable


Because you grew up constantly being insulted, compliments make you incredibly uncomfortable. You think it’s some cruel joke aimed at demeaning you.

3. You feel insecure when people stare


Whenever people stare at you, you automatically think they’re shocked by your sheer ugliness. Consequently, you probably hate dolling up or doing things that will get you noticed.

4. You’re good at self deprecating jokes

You’ve gotten so used to the insults you’ve receive in your life that you now tell them to yourself unprovoked. This is such a weird coping mechanism but somehow, it works (until someone in the room agrees with you – then now you’re sad).

5. Your self esteem is non-existent


To be honest, if you grew up ugly, you probably feel insecure in very normal situations. You look at your friends and you know that God clearly has his favorites

6. You probably suffer from an identity crisis


If you somehow had a glow up, you still are not sure about if you’re actually good looking. The mirror and everyone around you says you are but your mind constantly tells you you’re not.

7. You try to overaccomplish


At a young age, you realized that you would not be taken seriously as a result of your looks. This led to you trying to be extremely good at other things.

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Written by Patience George

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