5 Nigerian Instagram Fashion Models We Need You To See!

fashion man in socks and slides

Instagram is filled with so many creative souls, and Nigerian fashion models are not excluded. Let’s take you on a journey to discovering these exceptional Nigerian Instagram Fashionistas.

These are five Nigerian Instagram Fashion models we need you to see right now…

1. Princess Audu

Princess Sarah Audu

Princess Sarah Audu is an Abuja based fashion and lifestyle blogger. As at the time of this post, she has amassed over 26k followers. Going through her posts, we are tempted to say that her favorite color is red. If you have a red themed party to go to, look to Princess Audu for inspiration.

2. Elizabeth Usen

Elizabeth Usen is a fashion model who walk actual runways. Her figure is a dream and the way she flaunts it screams body confidence. Biko! help us ask for her workout routine when you follow her on Instagram @elizabethusen_ 

3. Tevriss

Tevriss Fashion Designer

Men like Tevriss make us happy because they serve more than the barest minimum. Tevriss is an Abuja based fashion designer who creates incredible fashion pieces for both men and women. You can look to him for fashion inspiration or to purchase outfits made by his brand.

4. Tope O

Tope O Fashion Model

Tope is another Abuja-based fashion sensation who dresses to kill. His fashion sense is nothing like we see on the streets and he just doesn’t care. He’s also an incredible content creator; you should binge on his reels on Instagram @tope_o.

5. Olar Folami

Olar Folami Nigerian Fashion Model

Asides from Olar being what we call a CEO (Chief Enjoyment Officer), she effortlessly stands out in every single outfit.

Which other Instagram fashion models do you think should get more street cred? Do let us know.

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Written by Patience George

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