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A Fashion Prodigy: Denrele Edun & Things You Didn’t Know About Him


What comes to mind when you hear Denrele Edun? For us, it’s his wild sense of fashion, his extravagant hairstyles and his far from common footwear choices. Denrele is a television host and androgynous model whom right from his youthful days, has never been afraid to live out his choices.

Let’s take you down the Denrele Edun fashion lane and let you in on things you probably didn’t know about him…

1. Denrele Edun is not gay

If this first photo is making you fall in love, it’s good news for you. Denrele is 40 years old and according to him, he is very single. There have been so many controversies on his sexuality and what we could gather is that he has dated women in his life. However, in a story he shared, he dated a man which he says was the worst decision of his life.

2. He has always been brilliant


This man isn’t just beauty. He attended St. Gregory College in Lagos and was a strong member of the school’s debating society. He also gloated in his brilliance when he spoke about how he aced his Junior School Certificate Examination (JSCE) with 6 distinctions and 5 credits. He was clearly made for the limelight and he makes sure he looks good for this calling.

3. He’s a B.I.T.C.H

Denrele calls himself a bi*ch and that’s what makes him even more badass. BITCH to him is an accronym for Boy In Total Control (of) Himself. 

4. He’s not just a crazy dresser

Look at those shoes! Just look at them. Here, Denrele looks like he’s reminding us who the real bad bi*ch is. However, that’s not all that he is. Denrele is an award-winning television host with a number of enviable awards. In 2011, he won The Best TV Personality at the NEAs in New York. Additionally, for three years in a row, he bagged the Dynamix Award for Best Youth TV Personality amongst many others.

5. He had a tough life

Can your MCM ever? Though Denrele is beating the odds today, he didn’t grow up in an ideal household. He grew up in the midst of extended family members whom according to him, were verbally and physically violent to him, his siblings and their mother. He was also bullied in his neighborhood by people who chanted “lesbian” whenever they sighted him.

6. He’s a walking inspiration

Who else is green with envy right now? If you follow Denrele on his Instagram page, be sure to be inspired by his daily dose of wisdom and inspiration nuggets. His experiences in life makes him an inspiration and we think you should tap into it too.

7. His father has always supported him

This photo right here made me want to crawl into Denrele’s DM to confess my undying love for him. You might be wondering what his father’s take on his fashion choices is but it is shockingly positive. Denrele narrated how his Nigerian father.

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8. Denrele Edun breaks chains

According to Denrele, his life is summed up in four words. These are I HUSTLED. I CONQUERED. As Denrele is breaking all the narratives of what a man should look like, he also stepped out of all the pain in his childhood and broke the chains of poverty in his family.

9. Denrele is a rebel

Just as he is in his 40s, Denrele has always been a rebelious individual. Viewing his Instagram page, he has shared many stories on what life was as a teenager and how he would often get into fights with his mother.

10. He’s halfcaste

You’re probably wondering where Denrele got his looks from? How is his hair so perfect and his skin flawless? Well, Denrele is a half-caste and was born to a Yoruba father and an Indian-Mauritian mother. Looking at his edges, I can say boldly that God has his favorites.

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Written by Patience George

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