6 Signs You Should Be Moved From The Dating Pool To The Dating Garbage

There is so much trash in the dating pool that we think it should be renamed the dating garbage.

These are the seven signs you should be pulled out of the dating pool…

1. You call all your exes crazy

We understand that relationships can be turbulent but if you’ve dated up to four people and tag all of them as crazy, there is a problem. THAT PROBLEM IS YOU. 

2. You don’t like chicken wings

Imagine thinking you’re someone dateable, yet you don’t like chicken wings. We do not claim that energy for our brothers and sisters in the dating pool.

Oya! Let’s introduce you to the restaurant with the best chicken wings in the capital.

3. You turn your partners to your father


This is for a particular gender. Why are you expecting monthly remunerations from a man every month? Even worse, why are you acting like it’s your birthright?

4. You’re physically violent

If this is you, you should be thrown into the dating furnace. The dating garbage is too good for you.

5. Cheating is your middle name

Cheating is emotionally damaging and messes with the self esteem of beautiful souls. Stop damaging people in the dating pool and move out of the way, please. 

6. You don’t want a relationship but want the benefits

You should not be in the dating pool if you don’t want a relationship. Please, step out for those who want relationships and who deserves all the benefits that come with it.

Back to the conversation of chicken wings

If you find yourself worthy of being in the dating pool, come through to the Wingist restaurant with your partner to enjoy the best chicken wings in Abuja. Just check out this ambience!

The Wingist Restaurant

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Written by Patience George

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