7 Types Of Nigerians On New Year’s Eve


From going to church or spending time with our families every New Year’s Eve, we have all grown to choose our own paths. 

These are the seven types of Nigerians on New Year’s Eve…

1. The church goers


This is the typical new year tradition for Nigerian Christians. If you’re not planning on being in church for crossover night, are your parents aware of the new path you’ve decided to take in life?

2. The club goers


These ones don’t even care about their salvation or the Lord’s blessings anymore. They go straight to the club to dance and drink the old year away. Unbothered kings and queens we stan.

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3. The church to club goers


These people are not dancing with the Lord till daybreak. They often have their sinful outfits in the bags they take to church. The moment their pastors bless the new year, they’re out of the church to resume their sinful ways.

4. The one time church goer


These people will never be found in church except on New Year’s Eve. The moment the church closes, they kiss the four walls goodbye only to return for the next crossover service.

5. The sleepers


These people think they have a Ph.D. in maturity. They are the ones who go about with a chip on their shoulders talking about how a new year is just a continuation of the previous day.

6. The long distance lovers


New Year’s Eve is the worst time to be around these set of people. No! They wil not get off the call to wish you a happy new year. All that matters to them in that moment is their partner and the exchanged of sweet nothings (Yes! Im a hater)

7. The fornicators


These people take going into the new year with a bang very literally. While others are praying for God’s blessings in 2022, all these ones care about are their orgasms.

Wherever you’d be on New Year’s Eve, we at the Wingist Network wish you the happiest New Year yet. 


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Written by Patience George

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