This Is A Premium Guide To Entering 2022 With A Bang


Remember when we believed the world would end before 2020? However, here we are going into 2022. Some of us with our resolutions and others with the anxiety of what the new year would bring.

Whichever emotions you have going into 2022, this is a Wingist guide to getting into the year like a rockstar…

1. To begin, drop your scissors


Before you walk around with scissors in hand, threatening to cut people off in the new year, make sure you’re not the one who needs to be cut off. Self reflection is important in winning this 2022. Are you wondering if you’re a toxic person? Take this quiz to find out.

2. Pick up your scissors


If you’ve looked at yourself thoroughly and you find little to no blemish, now is the time to let go of all unhealthy connections. We’d love to see you start off the new year with friendships and relationships that serve you.

If you have doubts about whether or not your romantic relationship is toxic, we have an article for you.

3. Eat the yummiest chicken wings in Abuja


No one will tell you this secret but we will. The chicken wings at The Wingist Restaurant is just about what is missing in your life. You might think we’re hyping it until you read these reviews about the Wingist restaurant.

4. Delete your burner account


Get into the new year with your sanity in place. Please, delete that Instagram account you’ve been using to stalk your ex. You’re not an FBI secret agent.

5. Do something new


We don’t care what it is but just do somthing new. There’s so much power in doing something you’ve never done before. You could go to an amusement park and get on the scariest ride or even go skinny dipping. Say no to drugs though!

6. Take something off the bucket list


More powerful than doing something new is taking something off your bucket list. Nothing will get you more pumped up for a blissful 2022 than striking something off that list. It will help you begin the year feeling like a champion.

8. Use the L word


Before the year runs out, pick up your phone and send a text to people who matter. Let them know what they mean to you and if you don’t do that already, shock them by telling them the L word.

9. Make peace with your past

Regrets are one of the biggest drawbacks you can have in your life. Whatever regrets you’ve been holding on to, it’s time let go and move forward to the best year yet.

10. Pick up a new hobby


Begin next year learning something new. You could join a gym, learn how to swim, or even take a photography or dancing class.

Ready to take on the new year like a boss? We at The Wingist Network believe in you and wish you a 2022 as awesome as you are. 

We’d love to begin the new year with you, it’s not like we’re begging o! But please, follow us on Instagram @wingisttv

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Written by Patience George

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