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8 Situations That Deeply Hurt People With Pride


People with pride are built differently. We live through life with our superiority complex and the last thing we need is others walking over our pride and ego.

These are eight things that will trigger the sting of a proud person…

1. The dreadful store palaver

Nothing awakens our low self-esteem like when we’re in a store and someone asks if we work there. You begin to look at yourself and ask why the person thought you worked though. It hurts so bad.

2. The unsolicited care

How can a younger person be asking how we are? Where did that disrespect come from?

3. The annoying instruction


It’s just too painful when we’re about to do something and someone asks us to do it. This is a major turn off for proud people.

4. The undermining arguments


When people with pride have heated arguments and we realize they’re right. We’ll never bow to their superiority because they hurt our pride.

5. The secondary school junior

Years after secondary school, when we meet our juniors, we still expect them to still call us senior. Why will our secondary school junior meet us 45 years later and call us by our names? Where did the audacity come from?

6. The english teachers


Nothing sends a proud person’s pride to the trenches than when another corrects our grammatical or spelling error. When we make a mistake in our speaking or spellings, please, mind your business.

7. Non-responsiveness


We proud people appreciate it when others greet us first. If we go out of our way to greet you, we expect you to respond.

8. Compulsory respect

Shoulders in the air, you visit an older relative and they ask you to kneel or prostrate to greet them. As people with pride, e dey pain!

Did you grow up ugly? We’re sure these are 7 things you can relate to.

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Written by Patience George

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