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A Wingist Guide To A Truly Detty December


Firstly, to prepare you for Detty December, you must fully know what it means. Detty December simply means to spend the month of December in a high-spirited way. In simple terms, there can be no dull moments, and you must mostly dedicate yourself to the lifestyle of a hedonist.

These are six tips to get you prepared for the dettiest December yet…

1. Dear men, what is Detty December without ashawo shorts?


After eleven months of wearing trousers to work, you dare not spend your December in those restrictive clothing. For this December to be truly detty, get at least 10 pairs of short shorts. You need to show off those thighs your mama gave you and remember, it goes against the rules to button your shirts all the way up.

2. Break your kolo


We hope you’ve been saving because the more money you have, the dettier your December will be. If you don’t have money, we hope you have rich friends who’d break their own kolo for you. Better not fight with them before January.

3. There’s no true dettiness without a Wingist Party


This might look like an ad but forget it. You dare not say you had a Detty December if you don’t attend a Wingist Party. The true test of dettiness will come from putting on those fine ashawo clothing and stepping out to The Maze Music Festival on the 11th of December 2021.


4. Start practicing your cave dance


Last time we attended a Cavemen concert, Kingsley took off his shirt and we were in awe of his sexiness. Ladies, you cannot say you had a Detty December if you’re not at the Cavemen concert happening in Abuja on the 18th of December.

5. Ears on the ground


After attending The Maze Music Festival on the 11th, put your ears on the ground to ensure you hear about and attend the most electrifying parties in the city. You can follow Abuja Events on Instagram to make sure you do not miss out on any cool parties.

6. No go carry o!


We support Detty December and not dirty December. If you’re going to be having lots of intercourse, we hope you have a stash of condoms ready. Most importantly, have money saved to carry out STD tests by January. For judgement-free service, Marie Stopes dey for you.

From The Wingist Network…

We wish you the Dettiest December yet. Remember to wear your face masks in crowded places, drink responsibly and most importantly, move safely especially at night.


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Written by Patience George

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