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A Wingist Guide To Making Friends In Abuja.

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

How can you make friends in Abuja? Life in the capital can be so busy. From going to work on weekdays to trying to catch your breath on weekends, it could be difficult having a social life and making friends. Well! Let’s get you started on some tips.

This is a Wingist Guide to Making Friends in Abuja…

1. Go out to events and parties.


Potential friends will not break into your house to find you – you need to go out. All week round, there are parties and events happening somewhere in the capital. Luckily, Abuja folks are friendly. When you go out to these parties and events, talk to people, make friends and exchange social media handles. The good thing about this city is that you’re likely going to meet them at another party in the future.

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The Hive By Wingist

You can also follow @abuja_events on Instagram for information on major events and parties happening in the city.

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2. Your neighbors and co-workers should not be ignored.

There is a popular saying that your co-workers are not your friends but we do not totally agree with this. If you’re introverted and shy about going out, your neighbors and co-workers whom you spend most of your time around can help you go out more. The more you go out, the more people you meet.

3. Join a hiking group if you’re into that.


You might have heard that Abuja is the city of hiking. There are probably a billion hiking groups here. This offers an opportunity to be part of a group while still doing something you love. Happy Trail will be more than glad to have you join their hiking community.

4. Take an evening out to Jabi Lake Mall.

Jabi Lake Mall Lakeside

If you happen to go shopping at Jabi Lake Mall or you live anywhere close to it, you could visit the lakeside in the evenings. Here, you’ll meet others sitting and taking in the picturesque view of the lake at sunset. Smile, be friendly, and probably ask someone if you could join them at their side of the ledge. The good thing is, this activity is totally free.

5. Sports at Jabi Lake Park on Saturdays.

Jabi Lake Park

Put on your activewear and head over to Jabi Lake on a beautiful saturday morning. You can join in several sporting activities like table tennis, running, horse riding, volleyball, boat rides etc. These are all great activities and perfect opportunities to make friends.

6. Own your space on social media.


Abuja is a tightly-knitted city for young people and social media is how that happens. On social media, you can post great pictures, drop wisdom nuggets or document your experiences. When you consistently put yourself out there, you’re most likely going to be recognized when you go out to parties and events. What you do on social media can become an excellent conversation starter and will give room to meeting people with whom you share common values.

You can follow Abuja’s own Salem King on Instagram to learn how to get started on your content creation journey.

7. Create a community for people like you.


If you cannot find your tribe, why not create one yourself? Create a community of your own and invite your neighbors, co-workers, and aquaintances for picnics, game nights, group events etc. You can market the community on social media for more reach.

8. Go to church if you’re religious.


There are a number of churches you’d enjoy if you live in Abuja. These churches have a lot of young people who will make for good friends. You can visit churches like Celebration Church International, The Tribe, and Petra for this kind of community.

9. Join a dance group.


Every day at Shashilga Court, join Adila Dance Acrobatics to explore dancing. No, you don’t need to be a professional dancer to join the group and make friends.

10. Take a language class.


You can make new friends while learning a new language at Institut français du Nigéria. Additionally, you can attend art exhibitions hosted by the institute. It’s a great place to meet foreigners too.

Ready to begin making friends in Abuja? Which of the recommendations above will you explore?

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Written by Patience George

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