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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be On Nigerian Twitter


It is true that Nigerian Twitter is where all the gist and funny stuff are. However, there is a downside to being a Nigerian on Twitter and we will tell you why.

These are five things you should know about Nigerian Twitter…

1. There is always a debate

Twitter is where all the political debates happen. Hence, why Twitter was banned by the Nigerian government.

As a Nigerian, you already know what politics here is like. Consequently, constantly feeding your brain with repeated information about the debilitating state of the country can mess with your mental health. If you’re already on Twitter, it is a good idea to take breaks.

2. You could end up on the wrong side of Twitter

Twitter is the court of social media justice, and it takes only one retweet by the wrong person to get you in that court. Due to the toxic culture of “savagery” and “cancel culture”, there is no such thing as a mistake on Nigerian Twitter. Mistakes are a perfect opportunity to be dragged and insulted with no restraint. A solution to this is to be the Twitter user who simply likes and retweet stuff.

3. Nigerian Twitter can ruin your life

Again, due to the mob justice that happens on Twitter, tweeps could message your job or school whenever they feel you have stepped out of line. This is too great a price for wanting to be relevant.

4. It could get too entertaining


There’s so much information on Twitter. Consequently, you could lose track of time following all the drama that happens there. This can affect your productivity and even your sleep and rest time.

5. Twitter is a toxic place for some groups of people

One of the ten commandments of Twitter is that you must avoid conversations centered around gender, religion and sexuality. Why? These conversations are breeding grounds for bigotry and toxicity. Whichever side of the conversation you’re on, there is no winning. As we said before, your school or job can be contacted leading to a job or scholarship loss.

Still want to join Twitter? Well! These are some upsides to being on Twitter.

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Written by Patience George

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