5 Reasons You Should Be On Nigerian Twitter


What have you heard about Nigerian Twitter? You probably see Twitter screenshots all over Instagram and you’re convinced it’s the best platform ever. Well, you might be right. Thus, when the ban is finally lifted, these are the reasons you should come aboard the Twitter train.

1. Keep in touch with things happening around the world


We wonder how, but there is always that one person with all the deets of an event. Although misinformation is rampant in the age of social media, undiluted truths about things happening around you can be found on Twitter and quickly too. If you want to be in the loop of things, this is the go-to social media platform.

2. Grow your career or business


Twitter is a great place where you can get lots of career opportunities. Also, if you run a business, Twitter is a great place to market your goods or services. Be careful though, one mistake and your business or career will suffer.

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3. It’ll teach you restraint


You’ll find a lot of annoying content on this platform. In the beginning, you’ll be a keypad warrior. However, after a while, you’ll learn to not comment on every stupid thing you see. This will eventually transition to how you react to real-time events too.

4. You’ll laugh your deriere off


Be ready to literally laugh your ass off while scrolling through your feed. Yes, it is true – the funniest content you’ll find on social media can be found on Twitter.

5. You can find like-minded people

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Every kind of conversation happens on this platform. If you feel alone and it seems no one understands you, you’ll definitely find a tribe of like-minded people here.

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Written by Patience George

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