Do You Recognize The 11 Warning Signs of A Toxic Relationship?


Relationships have their ups and downs. On the other hand, a toxic relationship often leaves you on a constant low with very few highs.

These are 11 signs you’re in a toxic relationship…

1. You’re going through this article


It shows something is wrong if you feel the need to read articles like this. Additionally, going on Google in a bid to understand your partner’s behavior isn’t a good sign at all.

2. They do not apologize


Fights are an inevitable part of even healthy relationships. When your partner, on the other hand, transfers blame constantly and never apologizes, it’s a toxic trait. This is not something to be overlooked.

3. They are inconsistent


For whatever reason a person might be inconsistent, their inconsistency can affect your mental health. Their hot and cold behavior will leave you confused and you will find yourself getting sadder by the day. You should not have to pursue anyone if the relationship is healthy.

4. You’re beginning to act out of character


Are you raising your voice more or getting angrier and more aggressive? These are tell-tale signs that the relationship is not healthy for you.

5. You’re losing interest in life


The major effect of toxic relationships is that they can cause depression. Are you losing interest in things you used to love as a result of your partner’s behavior? This is a warning to sign to exit the relationship.

6. They’re controlling


It’s a red flag when your partner tries to control every aspect of your life. It is ok to make little changes to accommodate your partner. However, they should not expect you to change your entire identity. Controlling behavior can show up as unwarranted jealousy. They might also attempt to isolate you from family and friends.

7. You feel drained from being around them


You might want to reassess the relationship if you’re walking on eggshells. This entails trying not to do or say things to avoid getting them upset. Having conversations with a toxic partner can also be very draining.

8. You’re sleeping and eating less


Just as with losing interest in life, eating and sleeping less is a sign your relationship might be toxic. Consequently, you might begin losing weight too.

9. You’re lying to protect them


Most times, your family and friends will see that your partner might be bad for you. In a bid to protect his or her image, you’ll lie and defend their toxic and sometimes abusive behavior.

10. You’re falling ill more often

People in toxic and abusive relationships are 34% more likely to suffer heart issues. Just to mention a few, a toxic relationships can weaken your immune system and leave you with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This can shorten your lifespan by an average of 11 years.

10. You’re turning to vices to stay sane


Are you trying to forget and numb the pain through drinking, smoking, or partying? A healthy partner will not leave you feeling this way.

Get out of that relationship now, please! Wingist Network is committed to mental health awareness and safety of individuals. don’t die in silence, talk to someone!

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Written by Patience George

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