7 Nigerian Snacks That Will Not Hurt Your Jaw


What do most Nigerian snacks have in common? Plantain chips, kulikuli, kilishi, roasted corn, and chin chin amongst others are all snacks we enjoy. However, these are not snacks you want to eat when you have a headache or an aching tooth.

If you’re looking for Nigerian snacks that will not hurt your jaw, this is the list for you…

1. Small Chops

Image By @Immaculatebites

Let’s begin this list with our favorite. Small chops include puff puff, samosas, and spring rolls. These are snacks that will not leave you needing a dentist.

2. Gullisuwa (Fried Milk Balls)


Yups! Gullisuwa is literally fried milk. No! It’s not disgusting at all. You can munch on this snack while working at your desk or being lazy at home. It’s very easy to make too. Make it yourself with the help of this recipe.

3. Dambu Nama (Dried Chicken/Beef Floss)

Image By Afrolems

Kilishi leaves you fighting for your life. However, Dambu Nama feels like cotton wool but has a meaty texture when chewed. Dambu Nama in simple terms is finely shredded meat. You can learn this recipe here or purchase it at Habib Yoghurt & Fura

4. Masa (Rice Puff-Puff)


Masa can be a full meal. However, you can enjoy it with sugar and honey too. Never tried it before? Well, you can try it now. Masa is often sold by roadside food vendors in Abuja. However, if you’re not into that kind of thing, you can get it from Northern Fusion.

5. Beni Seed (Sesame Seeds)


Beni Seed unlike groundnut isn’t hard on the jaw. You can enjoy it either in its caked form with sugar or its free form with salt. You can find Beni seeds at most retail supermarkets like Next Cash & Carry, Abuja

6. Awara (Tofu)


There is no argument, Awara also called Tofu is a snack everyone should try. It’s not something you’d have the patience to make yourself. Therefore, buy it from a Hausa food restaurant.

7. Fura da Nunu

Image By Northern Fusion, Abuja

What makes Fura da Nunu awesome is that it’s both a drink and a meal. If you’re in Abuja, this is a specialty of Habib Yoghurt & Fura. You can also try it out at Northen Fusion amidst other awesome Hausa meals and drinks.

It’s weird, right? How most of these snacks are from Northern Nigeria. We didn’t realize this until we completed the list. Let us know the soft Nigerian snacks that can be found in your side of the country.

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Written by Patience George

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