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The Wingist Guide To Having Premium Conversations At Parties


Going to parties and meeting new people can be challenging to some of us. For those who are socially awkward or introverts, we never know what to say. In contrast, we have those who are subconsciously wired to be inappropriate.

Whichever category you might be in, this is a Wingist guide to meeting new people at parties…

1. Don’t forget Home training 101


Greetings are important. We advice that you extend your greetings with a handshake or a smile. Do not try to hug people you don’t know, and please, do not kiss the back of their hand either.

2. Make their head swell


Everyone likes a good compliment. However, know that lines can be crossed quickly. Do not tell a lady in mini-skirt that you like her thighs. Do not over-compliment either as you’d sound creepy or weird. You can compliment her on her dress, hair, makeup or even perfume. Compliments can open doors to whole new conversations.

3. Remember why you walked up to them

There is a reason you chose to speak to that one person in a party of probably a hundred people. While you walk up to them, be truly interested and keep in mind why you have chosen to approach them. This will help you properly start up a conversation.

4. Try not to make it about you

No one likes a person who only talks about themselves. Do not attempt to show-off in a bid to impress. Give the other party an opportunity to ask you questions. Not making the conversation about you will sure make the other person feel special.

5. Do not ask inappropriate questions.

Whatever you do, do not ask strangers personal questions. Also, while a party is a place you might easily pick up a one night stand, you do not want to approach the wrong person with sexual comments and remarks. You can read our guide on what not to ask at parties.

6. Do not try to get into arguments or win them.

It’s a party not a debate. You do not need to flex your smartness muscle. Set boundaries on conversations around politics, sexuality, gender and religion. They are bound to go south real fast.

Now that we’re here…

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Written by Patience George

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