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Why Are These 10 Abuja Restaurants And Food Stops Special?

The Eden By Wingist Abuja

What Abuja Restaurants are your favorite & most importantly, what makes them special? From the food they serve to the vibes they give off, there are elements that make certain restaurants exceptional.

In our opinion, the following are what make these Abuja restaurants special…

1. Bature Brewery

Bature Brewery

This might not be a restaurant but if you enjoy a good beer, Bature Brewery sells a variety of craft beers in various flavors. This is a perfect place to go for a chilled evening with your boys.

2. Area 1, Garki.

Area 1, Garki

On a beautiful evening, take a stroll out to Area 1 and inhale the aroma of seasoned meat cooked over an open fire. Get the best Kilishi and suya in Abuja just behind the Area 1 Shopping Complex.

3. Raffia Palm.

Raffia Palm

The traditional meals at Raffia Palm are the best. We’re certain they have the best Nkwobi and Native rice. Additionally, their space is picturesque.

4. The Wingist Restaurant and Sports Bar.

The Wingist Restaurant

The wings are juicy and the portions and large. This is the spot to go in Abuja if you love chicken wings and love watching sports with other sports lovers. It’s a stadium with chill beer and the best part; replays! Don’t leave without reading these amazing reviews.

5. The Colony By Chef Taylor.

The Colony By Chef Taylor

Have you ever heard of spin rice? This is a specialty of The Colony. The Spin Rice is a spin-off of Native Rice. If you’re bored of the typical rice meals, you will enjoy a trip to this restaurant.

6. Yaz Popcorn.

Yaz Popcorn

There is popcorn and then there is Yaz’s popcorn. Consider grabbing a bowl of this delectable popcorn on your next movie night with bae.

7. The Food Court Abuja.

The Food Court Abuja

The best part about The Food Court is that you can eat at a variety of restaurants all in one location. Even better, the restaurants and bars there are reasonably priced.

8. The Hive By Wingist.

The Hive By Wingist

This location is all-inclusive. The food is delicious, but the main attraction is that you can party, drink, and enjoy the scenic rooftop view. It’s a perfect location for relaxation especially after a stressful work day.

9. Iya Oyo Amala.

Iya Oyo Amala

What would this list be without mentioning Amala? If you’re a fan of Amala, go to Iya Oyo Amala restaurant for the fluffiest Amala you’ve ever had.

10. Eden By Wingist.

Eden By Wingist

This restaurant is another Wingist outlet. Here, you can enjoy the vibes and food sold at the other Wingist restaurants. We recommend trying the Eden burgers and exploring the platters. They are delicious!

Which of these Abuja restaurants have you been to? Let’s know what you think.

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Written by Patience George

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