The Four Most Inspiring Abuja Influencers In 2021

Photo by nappy from Pexels

Who are your favorite Abuja Influencers and what makes them special to you? Honestly, social media influencers deserve the accolades they get. For years, we’ve watched a couple of them grow and share their life’s journey with us. Consequently, we have been inspired by their vulnerability and authenticity.

These are the Abuja Influencers we think you should be following in 2021…

1. Salem King.

Instagram: @salemkinging

Salem King is in the business of motivation. Before you roll your eyes, he isn’t your typical motivational speaker. Mostly on Instagram, he posts relatable content that makes us believe we’re not alone in our struggles. Additionally, he helps other creators make awesome content and monetize their personal brands. Awesome right? If you want to start off on your content creation journey, follow Salem King for premium content @salemkinging.

2. Precious Gaza.


Precious is a business and emotional intelligence coach. Despite her struggle with sickle cell anemia, she stays on top of her game. After suffering the loss of previous jobs due to sickle cell, she set out to find how to make passive income. Today, Precious makes money in dollars and teaches others how to do the same. Through her platform, we’ve learned a lot about sickle cell and those who suffer from it. You can follow Precious Gaza @preshgaza

3. Temilade Salami.

Instagram: temiladesalami_

Temilade Salami started off in Lagos but we now claim her as our own. Temi is an Environmental activist, a poet, an author, and the founder of four companies that we know of. There’s only one word to describe her, and that is boss-lady. Follow her for her wisdom gems @temladesalami_

4. Taylor Tamod

Instagram: taylaw_tamod

Taylor completed his education as a lawyer. Today, however, he is a chef and owner of a restaurant located in the heart of the city. In the last year, he has started a couple of other businesses. This includes his latest which produces quality and fashionable leather bags. We admire Chef Taylor for his business-mindedness; a diverse king, we stan! You might learn a couple of recipes and business tips if you follow Taylor Tamod @taylaw_tamod.

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Written by Patience George

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