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Dear Abuja People, Stop Asking These Questions At Parties


Abuja parties are fun. We always look forward to the fire DJs, delicious food, spirituous drinks and the people we get to meet. While awkward encounters are definitely not on the menu when we purchase our tickets, we are nonetheless, familiar with being asked awkward questions at these parties.

Dear people, these are the three questions we need to stop asking at Abuja parties…

1. “So what do you do?”

This question is weird for the following reasons:

  • While this question is not wrong, this should not be the next thing you ask after “what is your name?“.
  • This is not a question for when we’re wearing mini-dresses and twerking. It’s a party, not a business meet and greet.
  • How do I begin to explain to you at a party that I’m a Business Developer, Content Writer, Digital Marketer, IT consultant and Business Analyst? A good number of us have multiple skills and work multiple jobs. Answering this question is not as easy as saying “I’m a lawyer“.

2. Where do you live?

Again, while this question in itself is not bad, there should be a reason for every question you ask a person. Why are you jumping from “your hair is nice” to “where do you live?“. What decisions do you want to make with that information?

3. Do you live alone?


Mostly asked by guys, this question is the creepiest of them all. Why? Why would you ask a stranger this question? What is the purpose? Are you a stalker? Do you want to move in with me? If you’ve ever asked this question, we’d love to understand your thought process.

In conclusion, if you ever come around to party at The Hive By Wingist, please, leave these questions at home.


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Written by Patience George

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