The Wingist Guide To First Dates


For years, there have been endless debates on what is acceptable and what isn’t while going out on a first date. This conversation has become exhausting, so we’re here to help you get through your first dates.

These are our five rules for first dates…

1. Dates don’t have to be at a restaurant.


I once told a guy I wanted our first date to be at the zoo or by the lakeside. He thought I was weird, but who cares? I think we need to be open-minded about what a date is. Be creative – What other places would you want to have a date aside from a restaurant?

2. Wear whatever is most comfortable for you.


This is mostly for the ladies. You really don’t have to go all out for every date with your six-inch stilettos. You could still look smashing with pants, shorts and even a cute tee. Also, if you get cold easily, it’s totally ok to bring a jacket with you. You don’t have to make the young or old man take off his jacket for you.

3. Men, put in some effort.


OK, guys! This one is for you. While your woman is going all out trying to find an outfit that will catch your attention, put in some effort too. Do not look like you’re going to see a football game with your boys. Do not pay attention to Twitter, we think traditional wears are just fine. We stan a native-wearing king!

4. If you’re not paying and you can’t pay, order with consideration.


*cough cough* To whom it may concern. While going out on a first date, it’s important you order what you can pay for. You might be wondering why, but what if your date escapes to the bathroom and doesn’t return? Also, it’s just greedy ordering without consideration for the person paying.

5. It’s a date, not a banquet.


There are different kinds of dates. You could have a simple coffee date or just go out for drinks. You don’t have to feast like the royal family.

However, if you desire to have a feast, you could try our platters @edenbywingist

What other rules do you think we should follow? What are your rules for first dates?

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What do you think?

Written by Patience George

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