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Everything You Should Know About The Actress, Dorothy Steel

Dorothy-steel-death-life-black panther

If anyone would have said I would be an actor, I would have said you got to be out of your mind.

Dorothy Steel

It was probably just another busy day in the city of Atlanta, when Dorothy Steel heard about a casting call. Casting directors were looking out for men and women of color who were to act as citizens of Wakanda in the movie, The Black Panther. As soon as the directors saw Dorothy Steel’s audition tape, they knew they had found the right woman for the role. They called her in an hour.

Sadly, Dorothy passed away on the 15th of October 2021 at the age of 95. Although she only became popular years before her passing, there is a reason Dorothy Steel’s life has become an inspiration to millions of people all  around the world.

This is everything you should know about Dorothy Steel…

Dorathy-steel-death-life-black panther

Unlike other popular black actors who found fame earlier in their lifetime, Dorothy Steel was never seen on a Hollywood set until 2015. Her career as an actress only began at the age of 88. Yes, you read that right. Three years later, she landed the role of a tribal woman in Black Panther. As thrilling as the movie was to we Africans, Dorothy’s accent and her huge Fulani earrings added to the flavor of our excitement.

You might be wondering what Dorathy Steel was doing before her acting career. Well, there isn’t much information on this. She had, however, worked at Georgia’s Department of Revenue. It is speculated that her net worth was over $14 million before her death.

Dorothy-steel-death-life-black panther

In a world where 23 year olds feel like failures, we admire the life of Dorothy Steel. It is important that we all remind ourselves that there is no fixed time to succeed and create an impact.

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Written by Patience George

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