Dear Lagosians, Let’s be honest: Abuja sucks.

There’s no excitement in Abuja.

We hear stories from Lagos on a daily basis. Danfo drivers are seen driving naked, and bus conductors are feared by all.

Life in Abuja is sad. “Do you know who I am?” is all we hear every day. We leave our homes and return with no exciting stories. Please, unpack your bags and stay back.

There’s a lack of discipline in this city.

We use our mobile phones on busy roads and while in public transport. We’re not street smart here. Our bus and taxi drivers also stop for us to get on and off. Where is the well-needed adrenaline rush?

The weather in Abuja is…

Have you felt the sun in this city in March? Seriously, have you?

There’s a lack of toxic energy.

Everyone is minding their business, no one is fighting, no one is cursing your entire family in Yoruba and the atmosphere is sane. Don’t we all need a little bit of toxicity in our lives?

Our Restaurants.

Well, we understand that Lagosians are stubborn. We know you’ll still come despite all this warning. So, let’s tell you about the restaurants in this city.

When you go to places like The Wingist Restaurant, Eden By Wingist or The Hive By Wingist, you will find that they have it all: aesthetics, vibes, superb cuisine, and excellent customer service. Unlike restaurants in some cities (no names mentioned), there’s no suspense in going into a beautiful restaurant here. You’re sure the food will be top-notch and you wouldn’t have to pay with a kidney.

Although this city is already crowded, we believe you are deserving of wonderful things too. Our doors are open, and we want to see you have a taste of the good life.

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What do you think?

Written by Patience George

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