5 Unforgivable Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In Abuja

5 Unforgivable Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In Abuja
5 Unforgivable Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In Abuja

The Abuja dream is to go out and return home without getting into any form of trouble or stress. We at The Wingist Network are therefore always here to look out for you. These are the five mistakes you should never make in Abuja.

1. Driving without your papers any day of the week

Abuja Vehicle inspection officers and trucks

If you reside in this city, you’re probably already familiar with the yellow and black striped motorcycles and trucks, as well as the white and black uniforms. Ever since the vehicle inspection officers received new motorcycles and uniforms, the streets have been tight. Getting them off your back is, thankfully – now – not about bribes.

In the name of everything sacred, always ensure your papers are complete.

2. Trying to beat traffic at Banex Junction

5 Unforgivable Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In Abuja

Have you noticed how you can spot almost every uniformed personnel at Banex Junction? Police officers, traffic wardens, vehicle inspection officials, and FRSC personnel are all there looking for scapegoats. If that traffic signal is orange, just respect yourself and stop. Better to have the other drivers curse you than deal with all the drama from being surrounded by uniformed men.

3. Living In Abuja without visiting a Wingist Outlet

You haven't visited a Wingist Outlet in Abuja?

This might look like an ad, but let’s focus on the main issue here. The Wingist network has three outlets and you haven’t visited any? You haven’t tried The Wingist Restaurant’s hand-spun wings? What about Eden By Wingist’s fire Warrior Platter? You want to shake your ass on a yacht in Dubai, but that ass hasn’t been to The Hive By Wingist? We suggest that you do better because these reviews are no joking matter.

4. Finding yourself anywhere around Wuse Market on a weekday

5 Unforgivable Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In Abuja

The traffic around Wuse Market isn’t talked about enough. For some reason, that location also seems to be hotter than everywhere else in Abuja (Well, except Gwagwalada). If you’re trying to get to anywhere quickly, find a route that is totally off Wuse Market.

5. Telling yourself you can leave late and still get to your destination early enough.

We know Abuja isn’t Lagos, but we cannot overstate the importance of still leaving your house early and we shall tell you why. You can walk out of your house and find vehicle inspection officers right outside your door. A kilometer later, you can be stopped by police officers who also want to see your papers. Three kilometers further, there could be traffic and it’d be FRSC officers stopping passengers to check papers AGAIN.

Be wise, don’t make these mistakes. Or have you already learned from the experience?

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Written by Patience George

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